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About Us

Founded in 2020, Starlight Nutrition LLC offers a variety of nutritional supplements designed to provide our customers with high-quality ingredients that are ideal for any nutritional goal. Whether you’re searching for detox, weight control, immunity, men’s, or women’s nutritional supplements, you’ll find them here.

Backed by a desire to help people take control of their health, Starlight Nutrition is proud to support the goals of athletes, gym-goers, or anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives. We know just how hard it can be to find supplements that you can count on to meet your goals, but when you explore our store, we’re certain that you’ll discover a variety of nutritional supplements that are ideal for you.

Our Mission

To help every person improve on their health and live a healthy lifestyle. "Customer satisfaction is our highest priority”

Our aim is to improve on people’s health, environment, and societies in which we live, create an impact and make a difference in the world.

Service and Quality

We started Starlight Nutrition with our customers in mind. We strive to provide exceptional shopping experience by delivering exceptional customer service and high quality supplements at affordable prices. We work closely with Labs to provide unique health supplements. We know how difficult it is to find products that you can trust, which is why we strive to provide amazing products that will support your health and will undoubtedly help to take your daily performances to the next level.

 A Word from CEO Misha 

Having been diagnosed with HBP, I was told to workout, eat healthily, and take supplements that will help me maintain it. So I became a gym fanatic and a nutritional coach to be able to help those that need help with healthy eating and empower them take responsibility of their own health. I am so cautious about my health and I'm a nutrition & health enthusiast. I believe adding the right supplements to your diet is key to living a long, strong, happy, and healthy life!

 At Starlight Nutrition, we believe that achieving good health and fitness goals involves proper exercise, dietary, and nutritional supplementation. We created Starlight Nutrition to help you improve your health and feel your best every day!